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“As with all the pieces in this series so far, this is orchestrated for a conventional Woodwind Quintet with a Trumpet or Cornet (Eb or Bb) substituted for the French horn, creating a brighter sharper sound, which is particularly exploited by this oblique piece.

“Spargo's Riff” is otherwise unlike the other pieces in this series (and is probably a piece unto itself). It's harmonic and rhythmic inspiration are from the Twentieth Century as opposed to the other items that lean much more toward the Baroque or early Classical.

The syncopated riff, as heard in the opening 10 bars of the Bassoon part, is the idea Michael Spargo. Since then it has been revisited and linked with contrasting softer melodic themes creating a striking contrasting piece in Rondo form.

If your quintet wants to stand out from other items on the concert programme this is your opportunity.

The Eb Cornet part is also provided transposed for Bb Trumpet/Cornet and the Oboe part is also provided transposed for Bb Clarinet. Naturally the Bassoon part is within the grasp of a Cello or Tuba etc..
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Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Bassoon, Eb Cornet
opt Oboe substitute (written for Bb Clarinet)
opt Eb Cornet substitute (written for Bb Cornet/Tpt)

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