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“In common with other pieces in this series, this item is intended for a Woodwind Quintet with Trumpet substituted for French Horn.
The style is approximately late Baroque or early Classical.
“Palindrome in C” is a slightly introspective piece that easy enough to play but possibly harder than
it looks to finesse.

The title comes from its form having a reversal as it ends compared with its beginning. Its more serious mood will serve to make it a good separator between lighter items in your recital or concert.

Check the other items in the series.

The Oboe Part could be played by another flute or a second Clarinet (parts are provided). Naturally the Bassoon part is within the grasp of a Cello.
(digital download)

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Flute, Oboe, Bb Clarinet, Bassoon, Bb Cornet
opt Oboe substitute (written for Bb Clarinet)

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