Learn to improvise with one of our jazz improvisation books.

Develop a solid foundation to your jazz playing by learning basic jazz lines and developing your harmonic strength. Our books are aimed to cover most popular instruments including trumpet, saxophone,
trombone, piano,
and pretty much any melodic instrument!

“After a 30+ year hiatus, I picked up my horn again a few years ago, and Ive been struggling to learn how to improvise ever since. (I’ve bought just about every course and program out there, but am still trying to “break the code,” if you know what I mean.) You have a way of making jazz improv accessible to old guys like me that I haven’t come across before, and a way of making it fun, as well.”
– T.W. Elliot (Florida USA)

“It is perfect timing–I play trombone as a hobby, and started working on my jazz improv. I have been printing out transcribed solos from some of the greats, and then finding licks to memorize that I can handle in their solos. What a tremendous gift you have given us! Thanks so much!”
– R.Strauch (Mississippi USA)