Copyright and Licensing

Breach of copyright does not only put the offending party at risk of heavy penalties, but affects the music industry and the writers who’s livelihood’s are dependant on it. Your compliance to the copyright regulations is deeply appreciated.

Piglet Music is not the copyright owner of all titles in our catalogue, but has merely an agreement to distribute the music of other owners. Check the copyright notice on individual publications for the owner of the copyright if you wish to seek permissions outside of copyright regulations.


If you intend to produce and distribute recordings of anything from the Piglet Music catalogue, you must obtain a licence to do so. Send your licence requests directly to the owner of the copyright. If you cannot find the owners contact details, contact Piglet Music and we will forward your details to the owner so they can contact you directly.


In recent years the enforcement of copyright has been more stringent. Full explanations on permitted and prohibited photocopying is available on line, but below is a brief summary.

Permitted Uses:

  1. Emergency copying to replace purchased copies which are unavailable for an imminent performance, provided purchased replacement copies are substituted as soon as possible.
  2. For academic purposes other than performance, multiple copies of excerpts of works may be made, provided that such excerpts do not comprise a perform-able unit, and represent no more than 10% of the whole work. The number of copies allowed is one copy per student.
  3. Purchased music may be edited or simplified, provided that the fundamental character of the music is not changed or distorted.

Prohibited Uses:

  1. Copying for performance, except as in #1 above.
  2. Copying for the purpose of avoiding the purchase of published music.
  3. Copying without inclusion of the copyright notice that appears on the printed music.

Please contact Piglet Music if you have any questions regarding copyright.