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Love to learn to improvise but think you’re too old? Read what one such musician had to say:

“After a 30+ year hiatus, I picked up my horn again a few years ago, and Ive been struggling to learn how to improvise ever since. (I’ve bought just about every course and program out there, but am still trying to “break the code,” if you know what I mean.) You have a way of making jazz improv accessible to old guys like me that I haven’t come across before, and a way of making it fun, as well.”
– T.W. Elliot (Florida USA)

“Jazz Improvisation- The Fundamentals”

It’s popular – because it’s fun! Playing licks with backing tracks right from the first exercise, this book in beginner and medium level will help you gain a comfort with common chords, as well as develop some licks from basic to bebop.
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Or do you just want to play some Dixieland jazz without going through the whole improvisation thing?


Challenge your technique and jazz feel with our play-along books with backing tracks of real musicians including banjo, double bass, piano and drums. Including tunes such as “When The Saints” & “Down By The Riverside” you’ll play a couple of jazzed up melodies, and some notated improvisation type solos. (Available for trumpet, trombone and alto sax in easy and medium/advanced levels).
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For the musicians who get together with a friend or two to play some tunes

“The Companion Books”

Available for almost every wind instrument, and full of duets and trios from beginner to advanced, classical to jazz, these are the kind of book that you get use out of for years and years. What’s more, you can play them with any instrument combinations as the books are all compatible! So if you had a trumpet, clarinet and trombone for e.g., they’ll work! Use them with a group of 5-6 even. Just pick a part each to play and you’re covered.
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Wished you knew a bit more about jazz harmony?

“Jazz Harmony – From The Ground Up”

For the musician looking to begin or extend their jazz harmony knowledge without wanting to bury themselves in a pile of books, these concise publications are for you. From basic chord building, to secondary dominants and tri tone substations, and with exercises to practice on and audio examples these books will get you up to speed.
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