Welcome to Piglet Music’s “Jazz Lick of the Week”.

Here I will post some nice jazz lines to try, and if you like them, add them to your “jazz vocabulary”.  I keep an archive of all previous Lick of the Week pages here.
Keep a regular eye on the page and you’ll find easy to difficult, and dixieland to mainstream to be bop lines, and I will aim to provide backing tracks to play them to.

For some more “in depth” jazz improv training, check out my Improv Books Here

But let’s get on with……….


Now that i’m up to week #5 I thought it might be nice to make it a bit more personal:). As such, i’ve made an accompanying youtube video. I’ll make it easy and you can CLICK HERE to have a look. It’s partly to touch base for regular viewers or to say hi to new ones, I’ll give a sample of some advanced techniques that’ll i’ll talk more on later including diminished and pentatonic patterns, and the second half of the clip will be devoted to beginning players to look at a few more lines, hear the examples and try them yourself.

But you don’t necessarily need to see the clip as there’s plenty right here. We’ll do some soloing over the same tune as in the clip “Sweet Georgia Brown”.
It’s a great tune for practicing your Dom/II V licks as most of the tune is made up of them. And most of the Dom chords are 4 bars long, so plenty of time to try the licks!

So click on your respective PDF for the licks and further instructions. Some of the lines are variations on ones we’ve done previously, so is a good chance to further lock them in.

* Please send valuable feedback so I can tailor this page to your needs! (via “contact us” on the home page)

Rob Booth

Bb Treble Instruments PDF
C Treble Instruments PDF
Eb Treble Instruments PDF
C Bass Instruments PDF

Audio track #1 (licks 1, 2 &3)

Track #2.(licks 5, 6 then 4)

Track #3 – (lick #7)

Track #4 – Sweet Georgia Brown Slow

Track #5 Sweet Georgia Brown Fast



If you haven’t yet watched these clips, have a look for a bit more improv direction.

Improv for Beginners

Improv for Medium level


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Have a listen to this tribute to the great Sammy Nestico entitled “A Bit Like Sammy”.
“A Bit Like Sammy”

Or This fiery latin “salsa” number entitled “Mambo Jambo”
“Mambo Jambo”

Big Bands/Stage BandsEasy
But most of all, please check in for our upcoming Jazz Licks”