Welcome to Piglet Music’s “Jazz Lick of the Week”.

Here I will post some nice jazz lines to try, and if you like them, add them to your “jazz vocabulary”.
Keep a regular eye on the page and you’ll find easy to difficult, and dixieland to mainstream to be bop lines, and I will aim to provide backing tracks to play them to.
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But let’s get on with……….


This edition is the first of a “2 part” Blues feature.
I think it’s worth spending time on the blues because
a) it’s a good pattern to learn on
b) It’s so common in the jazz world
c) If you’re involved in a “jam” sometime it’s a safe pattern that everyone will know.

So in the pdf’s below I’ve included a few licks for beginners, a more involved solo for medium level players, and also some harmonic discussion on the pattern I’m also inviting readers to submit some of the most abstract (to a degree!) set of blues changes with an analysis for me to use in the next edition. (more info on the pdf)

While i’ve got you here, two things:
1) I’ve had some glitches fixed with the cart/registration etc on the site in case anyone had any difficulties there. You can now purchase (or grab a free product) without registering. If you have time and don’t mind though, registering can make it easier if there’s any issues with an order. Once you purchase you’ll see a little download link on the screen, click on it and the product will be downloaded to your downloads on your computer.
2) With the festive season approaching, i’ve got a couple of little jazzy Christmas trios (link at bottom of this page). They’re a bit of fun, nice and in-expensive, and a small purchase will help fund this little (but expensive) site.

But enough of that, here’s the links:

Bb Treble Instruments PDF
C Treble Instruments PDF
Eb Treble Instruments PDF
C Bass Instruments PDF

Rob Booth

Track #1 (Lick #1)

Track #2 (lick #2)

Track #3 (lick #3)

Track #4

Track #5

Track #6

Track #7 (slower version of #6)



If you haven’t yet watched these clips, have a look for a bit more improv direction.

Improv for Beginners

Improv for Medium level

“Christmas Trios-Quartets”

It’s that time of the year, so while you’re here have a look at a few Christmas arrangements we’ve just added.



If you’re a bit new to jazz harmony CLICK HERE for a small “test yourself” set of questions (with answers provided)

But most of all, please check in for our upcoming Jazz Licks”