Welcome to Piglet Music’s “Jazz Lick of the Week”.

Here I will post some nice jazz lines to try, and if you like them, add them to your “jazz vocabulary”.
Keep a regular eye on the page and you’ll find easy to difficult, and dixieland to mainstream to be bop lines, and I will aim to provide backing tracks to play them to.
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But let’s get on with……….


This wasn’t a planned week (I’m taking some time off due to a large workload and slowly preparing some other exciting material!), but this trumpet solo got my attention.
Randy Brecker’s trumpet solo in “7th Ave South” (Dave Weckl)
It’s a fantastic solo – fluid and interesting. I was pleased to see a lot of bebop line references (I’m a big advocate on learning patterns based on this), and some repeated lines. Now please don’t see this as a negative, but rather that even the best have their patterns that keep re emerging in different contexts. With my students I work on various methods to develop soloing – triads, rhythmic/stylistic patterns, motifs, and LINES!

So it’s primarily aimed at trumpeters this week, but the principle is good for everyone! At the very least have a listen to the solo and have a go at playing it utilising the slowed down track if the original is a bit tough.
No matter what instrument you play have a read. Grab a lick or two and apply them to some dom7 chords yourself.
Included here are:
– pdf containing the transcribed solo, and a close look at a few of the lines.
– original track, slowed down track, tracks for each example.

Please note that some of the rhythms aren’t 100% accurate, but I notated them close enough to suit my purposes.

Here’s the links:

Bb Trumpet PDF

Rob Booth

Track #1 (Full trumpet solo)

Track #2 (full trumpet solo – slowed down)

Track #3 (ex 1)

Track #4 (ex 2)

Track #5 (ex 3)

Track #6 (ex 4)

Track #7 (ex 5)

Track #8 (ex 6)


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