Welcome to Piglet Music’s “Jazz Lick of the Week”.

Here we will post some nice jazz lines to try, and if you like them, add them to your “jazz vocabulary”.  We keep an archive of all previous Lick of the Week pages here.
Keep a regular eye on the page and you’ll find easy to difficult, and dixieland to mainstream to be bop lines, and we will aim to provide backing tracks to play them to.

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But let’s get on with……….


This week is a bit different to the previous two, and will be looking at a solo over “The Wood Choppers Ball” (A 12 bar blues pattern).
It’s maybe more of an “analysis” session than a practical one, but I find looking closely at a good solo really beneficial in “getting into the mind” of some of the greats. It’s also where I find a nice new lick to add to my vocab. So when I stumbled upon this solo recently I thought it would be a great one to demonstrate a good soloist using cliche’d lines, and how he has implemented them. This reinforces my belief that learning other peoples lines is a very effective part of developing your soloing.

So in this session i’m going to isolate a few lines from this solo, give you a chance to play them yourself, and once you get to know them a bit i’ll give a brief analysis of it and where these lines are used. (I’ve transcribed it so you can get a good look at it). What stands out is the most basic, but effective, use of the be-bop scale!
I’m sure everyone will enjoy the analysis of the solo, but it won’t be the easiest to play. It’s in concert Db for a start, and being a great trumpeter it goes a touch high. But, take out of it what you can, and simply take the lines down the octave if needed. Most of all, don’t let this session scare you off!

Next week: I’ll just get down to some licks!. I’ll put up a few lines for beginners to medium, and of course tracks to play to.
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Rob Booth

So as usual, click on your respective link for a full pdf description/lines, etc.

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C Bass Instruments PDF

Audio e.g. 1 – The Wood Choppers Ball trumpet solo.

Example #2.

Example #3.

Example #4.

“In an 18th Century Drawing Room”

Wood Choppers Ball trumpet solo slowed down.



If you haven’t yet watched these clips, have a look for a bit more improv direction.

Improv for Beginners

Improv for Medium level


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“A Bit Like Sammy”

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“Mambo Jambo”

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