Welcome to Piglet Music’s “Jazz Lick of the Week”.

Here I will post some nice jazz lines to try, and if you like them, add them to your “jazz vocabulary”.
Keep a regular eye on the page and you’ll find easy to difficult, and dixieland to mainstream to be bop lines, and I will aim to provide backing tracks to play them to.
I keep an archive of all previous Lick Of The Week pages HERE.

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But let’s get on with……….


Following on from Week #8, here’s the second part of my “2 part” Blues feature.

This edition is quite massive really (I got a bit carried away, so the next edition will be quite small!)
Included this week are:
– some licks for beginners.
– some more blues analysis (more advanced than last week)
– some contributions from a couple of loyal viewers.
– some pentatonic licks (more advanced)

But first, I’d like to plug my new harmony book “Jazz Harmony – From The Ground Up” (Book 2).
I’ve written these books because a) I love talking jazz harmony b) they serve as good reference material for some of my discussions on these pages c) they’re affordable, and to the point for anyone looking for some information without bogging themselves down with a major investment.
This book #2 also contains some audio examples to make the stuff a bit more “real”.
It’s only $6, but you can buy a bundle of books 1 &2 plus the workbook for book 1 all for $9!!
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But enough of that, here’s the links:

Bb Treble Instruments PDF
C Treble Instruments PDF
Eb Treble Instruments PDF
C Bass Instruments PDF

Rob Booth

Track #1 (Lick #1)

Track #2 (lick #2)

Track #3 (lick #3)

Track #4

Track #5

Track #6

Track #7 (Blues For Alice)

Track #8 (Some Other Blues)

Track #9 (Blue Comedy)

Track #10

Track #11

Track #12



If you haven’t yet watched these clips, have a look for a bit more improv direction.

Improv for Beginners

Improv for Medium level


New To Piglet Music


book cover1 small
Following on from Book 1, this publication covers a lot of more advanced topics such as Secondary Dominants, Sub V’s (tri-tone subs), Modal Interchange and more! At about a dollar a topic it’s better value than the daily newspaper!



If you’re a bit new to jazz harmony CLICK HERE for a small “test yourself” set of questions (with answers provided)

But most of all, please check in for our upcoming Jazz Licks”